Welcome to Science with Amy!

This blog is created as a learning space for everyone regardless of your background. We live in strange times. Knowledge is power and knowledge shared is power multiplied. I hope everyone can join me in exploring the wonders of science and promote science education.

Live to learn and you will really learn to live

John C. Maxwell

Who am I:
I am a research scientist. My background is in medical research. As for my education, I hold a Bachelor Degree in Medical Science and a PhD in Medicine. I pride myself as a science junkie, especially medical science.  

My research experience:
I am an early career researcher with over 7 years of research experience. Let me clarify, when I say research, I meant scientific medical research. In my case, I study various diseases spanning cancers, Alzheimer’s Disease, obesity and insulin resistance. If you are interested in reading some of my work, here are some of them.

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